Scripture shows that in order to have a successful marriage we have to start with being equally yoked. Even though Elohim hates divorce, we find in scripture men who were married to women from the nations (Goyim in Hebrew or Gentiles in English) and were told to divorce those women. Unless we have the same mindset our home will be divided and Messiah told us that a house divided will not stand. We cannot be sold out to Messiah if we allow Babylonian ways into our life. And that covers a whole lot of things not just being married to a woman from the nations.

We exhort men to be men and approach things as set out in the scriptures. We know that as followers of Messiah we are his bride, but we are only saved when we endure to the end and he has found us to be a suitable bride. This is also how dating or courting works among set apart people in Messiah, everything is paralleled.

If you find yourself in a long distance relationship, it’s important to realize that it is necessary to spend a lot of time on the phone as much as you are able. Just as we cannot grow in Messiah without building our relationship with him through talking with him a lot, neither can we build a healthy and lasting relationship with another person without doing the same.

Long distance relationships will experience better success when either one, or both people can travel to spend time with each other for long periods of time. Even a whole month or more if it is possible. Being together, spending time and doing things together is important to the success of any relationship.

We want to offer you the best steps we know of in building a healthy and lasting relationship and that is why we are here. Keep in mind that a lasting relationship begins with you, not the other person. Granted, they have to be healthy also, but if we enter a relationship expecting, we are not only in for a huge let down, we are headed for disaster. It’s important to enter a relationship with a giving spirit and in love. Remembering to remain humble and forgiving in all things.

All in all, we want your relationship with us to be the best you can find online anywhere. May Elohim who created us all continue to build you up and bring you into his eternal kingdom!




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