We cannot build relationships without communication. Long distance relationships fail because two people don’t spend enough time talking. It is the same with your spiritual life, you cannot have a relationship with Elohim unless you talk to him. It’s the same among people.
As I have operated my own singles sites I have come to learn what brings success and what does not in a relationship. I did have a long distant relationship that worked about 16 years back and we would have been married. But something changed in her situation that would not allow her to relocate here. And I would not be able to find enough work where she is to provide for a houshold. So that was the thing that prevented marriage.
But we spent a lot of time on the phone, and she was able to travel here for long periods of time. Neither of us are perfect, but it was a work in progress and each of us communicating, forgiving, and pressing on. We had the elements for a successful long distance relationship.
And so I have not only learned it as a web developer, I have also learned it through experience. So when I see the signs it will not work with someone, I, as the man need to look out for the woman’s interest also because there can be cases where she needs to seek a different dating situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean she is a bad woman, it simply means the right elements may not exist for that relationship to work. Put two people in a different situation and the relationship could flourish like a well watered garden.
If two people want a relationship enough, they will work at it and each person giving to the other. We cannot be selfish and both people need to listen to the needs of each other. It cannot be one sided or it simply will not work.
I would love to hear about other people’s experiences and what they have found works and what does not. This can be a vital discussion in helping others to finally find a lasting relationship. We are all from different corners of the world and different personalities and experiences. Everyone is beautiful in a different way and we need to find that beauty in everyone.

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